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It wouldn’t be the “interwebz” without some clickbait title to end of 2019.

This year has been one hell of a ride.  In November 2018 we started the development of FoxyTech, and we finally launched in October 2019.  We took the time and effort to listen to some of our supporters out there during our development continuously gauging the experience from you as our visitor.

We are a bunch of crazy individuals that feel like the industry has become more about product and less about service.

We’ve been driven to give South Africa what it lacks most, genuine open-ended communication and service.  It is the pillar of our business, it’s our passion. We would rather be a small intimate business that cares passionately about people and less about numbers.  We are about building relationships, not pushing product.  We love tech, you love tech so why not openly share our love with each other?

To date, we have almost 4000 products in our catalogue and growing each and every day.  We take the care of loading each product manually to ensure information is correct and that it is appealing to you our beloved customer.

We started to drive our support into the local content creator’s scene, and what a bunch of awesome people!  The time and effort our content creators put into what they love are insane while trying to juggle day jobs and everything in-between.  We would like to thank the guys over at ZAStreams who is absolutely amazing at driving content creators to be all that they could be.

What can you expect for 2020?
We going to launch the year with a great competition directed at our designers out there which some great tech to give to the lucky winner of our “Foxy Merch Design Contest”.  Also, we will be putting more drive in Foxy Digital and recruiting on commission basis 5 designers to be our featured designers for overlays and all your emote needs.  More service, more fun times with our online “BOT” and of course we will be looking into doing some IRL events as well.  2020 will be the year of 20|20 vision for FoxyTech.

So, in a positive note, we would like to bid you a festive holiday season, be safe, be awesome!

We will be closed from the 20th of December 2019 – 6th of January 2020.  Please make sure to have query us on any outstanding orders.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking this journey with us.  You are all “our precious”

Much love

The FoxyTech Team

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Janes (Torevenn) Blignaut
Janes (Torevenn) Blignaut
6 months ago

You guys are really in for a long successful ride! Believe me I can feel it in my loins. -_- I wish the team at FoxyTech a ver marry Christmas and an awesome 2020!! It’s been an honor supporting and working along side you okes! ❤️