4 Gaming Inventions That Actually Hurt People Leave a comment

Oh man, isn’t the developments in the interactivity of gaming great? I mean most recently virtual reality hit the scene very hard, but so has motion sensors and other means of experiencing games. The problem with new tech? People. Some of our fellow human beings take things to the extreme and they end up with actual physical injuries and unfortunately in real life we don’t just pick up a med pack and move on.

Let’s go have a look at a few games and tech that actually ended up hurting people.

#4 – Arm Spirit

Arm spirit was an arcade machine a while back. It consisted of your run-of-the-mill arcade machine box with the added extra of a mechanical arm. The reason? To arm wrestle of course! You were put in a vicious battle of man versus metal. Slowly the matches would get more difficult until you inevitably lose to the machine.

This actually sounds pretty fun, right? It may sound fun and for many it was a fun experience. Those people that didn’t have fun consists out of 2 categories. The people that genuinely didn’t enjoy the game and those that had their arms broken by the machine. Yes, you did read that right, this arcade game broke the bones of people. That might be the reason you don’t see them around anymore, since the company that made them had them all recalled.

#3 – Xbox Kinect

Motion sensors brought us endless amounts of fun while playing games on a more active level. Allowing players to become the controllers, but what happens when people started getting too enthusiastic?

People got hurt. In the wide view of the motion sensor people could play pretty much everywhere in the view, dancing, jumping, running and waving limbs like one of those advertisement blow up tubes you get on the side of the road. The problem being, humans may lose balance, they also may hit other people in the face, they could also break their furniture. Many people got hurt while playing with the Kinect, from sprains, stains and bruises right through to broken bones and more serious injuries. Just look at the video and see for yourself the dangers involved with this brutal motion sensor.

#2 – Nintendo Wii

Where the Kinect had the motion sensor the Wii had the controller. Much like the Kinect it had its fair share of damaging people when people got a bit carried away with the games they played. Essentially, the remote you held to control the game became a weapon in the hands of the excited.

Sure, the controller had a rubber casing and a wrist leash, but who uses those anyways, am I right? Even though they had some safety mechanisms these controllers bashed fellow players and more often than you might think became the equivalent of a fiery projectile absolutely destroying furniture and appliances all over the globe. From Televisions being shattered by accidental remote throws to people getting hit, the Wii gave us, not only entertainment, but also the fear of your friends next to you. Waiting in anticipation for that first rubbery remote bash to the solar plexus.

#1 – Pokémon Go

Where do I even start with this one? Niantic gave us Pokémon, that we could chase around with our phones using augmented reality features. Admittedly I had a good time with this game for a while until I grew bored with the repetitive nature of the game. It wasn’t too long after its release when the horror stories started surfacing of people getting hurt.

How did the people get hurt by a mobile game? It’s not like the game would ninja off of the charger while you were sleeping to kick you in the groin, no. What it did was put these little Poké rascals in places where people shouldn’t go. Places like your neighbor’s backyard, you know, the one with the vicious dog or how about just off that cliff’s edge over there. Hey! look at that maybe I could safely get over that electric fence and catch that Pikachu!

As silly as it sounds people did some awfully stupid shit to get their hands on these AR creatures. Some getting hurt on a smaller scale and others with more serious injuries. In my area, people would use lures on a PokéStop at the early hours of the morning and then mug them when they reached the secluded destination. Actually, the news was full of injuries and even gave birth to sites like this one.


For as long as technology keeps getting cooler, we are going to find people to hurt themselves with it. ‘Tis a fact of our little reality we like to call life. Have you played a game that injured you somehow? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading and as always have fun and game on!

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