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About Us

"What did the Fox Say?" Ok, ok, it's not 2013 anymore, but you are here to know more about us right?

What we really do?

We make the shopping experience for you as easy as possible.  With a wealth of knowledge surrounding the market and a passion for customer service we love what we do.

Our Vision

To provide solutions to consumers and business that is transparent and works.  We highly believe in quality products and will always strive to meet your requirements without compromising quality and looking at affordability.

History of the Company

As with so many start-ups, we are a home based / garage based business getting our feet wet.  This however do not compromise our dedication to you our customer.  We were previously know as PAI Consultants, now rebranded to FoxyTech and Foxy Digital (Better check them out for next level Web Development and Digital Marketing) that provides digital marketing solutions and custom programming development projects.

Cooperate with Us!

“With our power combined, we are Captain Planet!”

OK, we love to engage in our community, talk to us, tell us where you would like to see changes, products to include, anything really.  We are great listeners and you are our customers.  Your wish is our command.

What can we do for you ?

We have a passion for what we do.  If you would like products support we are here to assist you in anyway possible.  If we cannot immediately give you the answers you are looking for, then hold on for a few minutes as we investigate and get back to you.

We source the most reliable and trust worthy brands to ensure you are happy with the performance of the products you ordered.

We use The Courier Guy as our courier service, and they are fast.  There is the odd occasion that a parcel will need to be delivered to a remote location in which it will take a little longer, but rest assured your parcel is on its way.  In most scenarios we will directly ship an item from our distributor to your door.

Customer service, the pillar and foundation of our company.  Without it we would not be trading.  We do however like your input on how we are performing.  Have a chat with us.