Need for Speed Heat – Hot or Not? 2

It’s getting hot in here …

… but please keep your clothes on. It’s Need for Speed Heat. The next in line of games from EA in the series that just won’t quit. The hot take on Heat is that it comes two years after Payback, and it’s a step up to be sure, but it is two years later so maybe there’s not that much to celebrate here.

The best way to explain Heat is as a mosaic of all the things that make Need for Speed good, done on a 2019 canvas.

Great customization, engaging races, and a story slapped on top to keep you mildly interested. We have to talk about the gameplay here. Don’t expect too much realism from Heat, in fact, the handling of the cars feels more arcade-like than ever and most cars will understeer like it’s no one’s business, and the customization, it’s way over the top (I say with a greedy smile). One of the great additions is the difference between driving during the day, and driving at night, which is a day and night difference, and the heat levels, the heat levels actually work, a remnant of the 2005 iteration of Most Wanted, to my childish joy.

My final word? Heck, Heat is a really fun game, and I’ll probably put in 80+ hours just messing around with it. Is it good? Yes, it is. Is it a good introduction to the franchise for new players? Maybe not so much. If you’re an old soul like me who have been playing Need for Speed for ages, it scratches the itch for another year. However, I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s worth the price tag or not.

A solid 3/5 sheep. It brings NFS back on the right track.

What are your thoughts, HOT or NOT?  Let us know in the comments section below

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Oskar Roux
7 months ago

Unfortunately that’s the pricetag of modern day gaming hey. Always seems overkill and that’s the only thing that’s stopping me from buying it really. Like you said, it’s all the good parts that make you think of all the other NFS games. They played on the nostalgia a lot and I thinknits superb. Will save up for the game.

5 months ago

If you’re fan of NFS Underground 1 + 2 … you’ll love this game. Keep in mind that the handling is not same as Underground (not even close), it’s more like Payback where cars are tuned to drift corners (double tap acceleration key) or just grip corner cars, or handbrake braking to super full stop (don’t know why this). If you are okay with it, you’ll enjoy it. The negative part is ‘catch up speed’ from cops, they act like Top Fuel Dragster cars… reaching from 0-250kmh in few sec, they are always on your tail – No matter how… Read more »