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It has been a long time coming. South African Gamers rejoice, especially our local Rainbow Six Siege players. The legendary gents at Glitched Africa released an article laying this out in detail, so make sure to give them some love.

So, our opinion undiluted. IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME! South African Gamers and especially content creators have been raging about latency issues since the rise of internet gaming. Our geographical region just isn’t viable for most big-name game development companies to host and maintain servers in South Africa. “But Australia!!”, we heard you.  Keep in mind that the demographic of gamers in South Africa is small in comparison. We game yes, but the gaming industry titles vary so much here.

Ubisoft is releasing two test servers that will start operation (if all goes well) on the 11th of November 2019 (Release time not available as of article date).

What can be expected from the two SA Servers?  Well to be honest should most likely expect some stability issues as Ubisoft will be analysing the results of the player’s connecting, matchmaking, concurrent connections, and server resource loads.

But we urge you not to rage, rather log a ticket via their R6 Fix Platform.

If we have to analyse how Ubisoft is approaching the server hosting, it might be safe to assume that it is a feasibility assessment, and if utilised enough they might consider making it a fulltime addition

Let’s give a big shoutout to Ubisoft for the initiative to fill the gap for African based servers. Hopefully this is a sign of more development studios making a move to provide us with much needed LAG relief.

With all the hype and tears of joy comes the release of the Year 4,  4th quarterly DLC. Unfortunately, we are not professional operators, so we will let this video do the talking


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