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The Rival 600 by Steelseries is a right-handed gaming mouse (sorry lefties) that has a great sensor, 7 customisable buttons and feels great in the hand of right handed users, (again, sorry lefties).

Below I will break down what I believe to be the core features of a great gaming mouse, not only for performance out of the box but for long, strenuous gaming sessions.

I have owned many gaming mice, in a relatively short period of time, I was always looking for the “perfect CS:GO” mouse, something that offered perfect tracking, felt good in my hand, was light and with a good feeling scroll wheel.

This led me to get a few mice, ranging from the mighty Logitech G900 to the Razer Naga (not in that order), and this is going to be what I compare the SteelSeries Rival 600 to.

The Sensor

The TrueMove 3 sensor feels precise, and i mean PRECISE, it feels better than any Logitech sensor (PWM 3366) ever did to me, I felt no scaling and no angle snapping when adjusting it from 400 DPI to 800DPI and finally 1000 DPI (for 1000 DPI and 1 in-game sense on CS), there was no acceleration or “wonky” mouse feel, not once, which I have felt on both my Logitech mice.

The lift off sensor is a nice little feature, if you are like me and lift the mouse up often and are sick of your crosshair moving when doing so, then you will wonder how you lived without this for so long.

You can tune it up or down as you like, personally i turn it all the way down, and I barely have my cursor move when I lift my mouse, even at 1000 DPI.

The Feel

To me, the Rival 600 feels good in the hand, the shape does take some getting used to, but once you are used to it, it feels great in the hand (provided you are right handed), the soft smooth rubber on the sides of the mouse feels a lot better than I thought it would, its soft on the skin and doesn’t get irritating at all, while providing a lot of grip.

Another little thing about the cable, it’s removable. Similar to the Logitech G900 the cable for the SteelSeries Rival 600 is removable, which is amazing if it gets damaged, or if you want to thread it through a tight spot, or even if you want to wrap it yourself.

Though not a major feature I really liked this one, I wish more manufacturers did this.

The Weight

The Rival 600 is very light, weighing only 96 grams, but you can add weights 4 grams at a time up to the total mouse weight of 128 grams, which is heavy (if you like heavy mice), besides the low weight on the mouse the cable goes a LONG way in making the mouse feel lighter than it is. The cable is not braided, and it is just covered in a soft plastic that bends easily and weighs next to nothing.  While using a mouse bungee I have never once felt any cable drag or any of the “cable pull” you get from thicker, stiffer or braided cables.

Button and mouse wheel feel

Here is the only thing I don’t really like about the Rival 600, the button feel.
The buttons have a hollow, plastic feel, which out of the box I was unimpressed with, however as I have used the mouse it has improved to the point where it actually “clicks” now, but still not as  nice as the Logitech G900.

As for the mousewheel, it’s one of the best I have ever felt, it’s responsive and precise, does not feel sloppy or loose, nothing breathtaking but definitely not a letdown.


SteelSeries does have their own software, and this is where you set all your macros and keybinds, and DPI stages (of which you get two), the software is easy to use, doesn’t require setup, does not use a lot of system resources (I’m looking at you, Synapse).

There are only two things I don’t like about the software, One, you cannot remove or hide disconnected devices (i had a Sensei 310 I was testing and its still showing…), and Two, you can not remove the second DPI step, but you can just set it to the same as your main DPI and it won’t matter if you press the DPI shift button or not, your DPI will not change.


  • Light Weight
  • Accurate Sensor
  • Good switches
  • Removable, Light, soft cable


  • Clicks feel dull at first
  • Software shows any SteelSeries Peripherals previously connected.
  • Can’t remove secondary DPI step


For the price point, you simply cannot get a better mouse, The weight, the feel in your hand and the precision of the sensor, it’s probably the best FPS mouse I have ever owned, after hours of playing CS:GO and COD Modern Warfare, my arms never get tired and i have never been able to blame a failed shot on my mouse.

Definitely worth the buy.o

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