ZA Test Server – First Night Review 4

All right so needless to say I was extremely excited to try out the new Rainbow Six Siege Test server including the newly announced ZA servers. With all the hype in the community it was understandable that I was intrigued to see what was going to happen when we finally got to test these servers.

So, following below will be my unfiltered review of the first night on the servers.

The night started out with us all waiting for Ubisoft to finally post the changelogs for the new upcoming DLC/season and with it announced the launch time of the 2 new ZA servers. After a few hours of waiting, we finally got our chance to get the test server downloading… 72gb oh my. So now we are already hours late but none the less we are eager to get in-game so we download. Halfway through the download, we get a breakthrough. A Reddit user makes a guide to allow us to just download the new files for the test update instead of the entire client.

Check out the full guide here: ad_the_new/

So after using this neat trick we were able to get into the game and we were greeted by something we did not think we would ever see. 4ms ping to a Siege server, although the min ping ingame for those who are fortunate enough is 9ms so let’s just say this is a wonderful feeling coming from 150-250ms ping.

So now it’s time let’s get into our first game. 5min Queue and we get into our first game on the newly improved Theme Park map. And instantly you could feel the difference. The smoothness of the animations, the bullet response time, the overall movement and interaction with the environment.

First game down 3 kills in and I was feeling confident that this was the game breaking thing we needed for the ZA community. The bullet registration feels so much better as holding an angle now results in getting the better of your opponent. So, I play a few more matches until we find ourselves playing against a few of the ZA Esports Siege players in matchmaking. Feeling a little bit worried we head into the game, and after the first fight with a pro player, first shot headshot kill and I was feeling confident. We ended up losing the match but that feeling of outperforming someone at a higher level due to not worrying about the ping difference made all the difference.

I do have some concerns though regarding the new Operators. Kali the new Indian Operator’s Sniper Rifle… Definitely overpowered and might need a nerf or two before the full release. Its ability to destroy and penetrate almost any surface/reinforcement/device makes it extremely efficient at clearing out a

point, but also making it nearly impossible for anyone to counter from the defensive side as Kali’s 12x scope allows them to sit so far away and just peeking wide angles. Definitely a skill yes to be able to hit those shots, just think she might need a few things to be balanced. The new Kenyan Operator did not seem to perform as well in my experience as he looks just like a less useful version of Jaeger. But who knows maybe they will improve some of his abilities after some feedback from the community.

We urge all current ZA Siege players to get into the Test server so we can show Ubisoft that we really want these servers to continue so we can grow the community of a game that really needs a lot more attention than it has been getting. So just launch your Uplay account and download the test server which should be available for the next few weeks and let’s get ZA on the map.

Check out the latest changelog for the upcoming update here:

If experiencing any issues regarding the server or game please log a report at:

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Oskar Roux
7 months ago

Great article and feedback. Considering these new developments I thinknits going to get a lot more people on board for this as a multiplayer game. I’m even considering buying it now.

Reply to  Oskar Roux
7 months ago

Do it Oskar. You wont regret it.

Oskar Roux
Reply to  Pugzzzzzy
7 months ago

Thanks Pugz I’ll defs put it into the basket for next month.

7 months ago

I love this Article. I certainly hope we get more and more players on TTS to play this game and show UBISOFT that we are serious about Siege. Also we have many teams who want to compete but our servers do not allow us this unless it is a LAN event which is not that widespread. So this will now allow us to create more competitions and events as well. I hope this becomes permanent and that UBI will allow us to prove to them why we deserve these servers.